Welcome to the Neustadt website. Thank you for discovering us. And even nicer that you have discovered Neustadt and would like to get to know it better. No matter what people say about Neustadt – and they say a lot – we know better and want to surprise you (anew). Get to know the people who live and work in Neustadt, who are committed to it and shape it. Find out about the variety of players in Neustadt and the events that take place here. Neustadt is not perfect, but it is all the more authentic for that. A real character with rough edges and definitely full of energy. An urban space full of Neustadt stories. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the neighborhood management or business street management. You can reach us by phone, email or at the district office.

Data about Neustadt

The Neustadt urban area, comprising the districts of Alte Neustadt and Neue Neustadt, is located in the north of Magdeburg. The boundaries run south along Walther-Rathenau-Straße, the north side of Universitätsplatz and the Jerusalembrücken bridges and extend north to Schöppensteg, the Eichenweiler housing estate, Klosterwuhne and Ebendorfer Chaussee and the Neustädter See district. Compared to the rest of the city, Neustadt has a high population density and number of inhabitants. Alte Neustadt currently has 11,818 inhabitants, while Neue Neustadt has 15,760 inhabitants. With an average age of 39.8 years in Alte Neustadt and 42.7 years in Neue Neustadt, Neustadt is a young district with great development potential. Neustadt has a solid infrastructure. There are doctors, local suppliers, daycare centers, schools, adult education providers, social institutions, the housing industry and various businesses in Alte Neustadt and Neue Neustadt. You can find more facts and figures in the district catalog of the city of Magdeburg.

Leisure activities in the new town

Whether it’s art, culture, sport, a visit to the park or Magdeburg Zoo – the two districts to the north of the historic old town center have a wide range of leisure activities and outstanding sights to offer. You will find green recreational areas such as the Nordpark or the Elbe and cultural facilities such as the Moritzhof, the Moritzplatz memorial or the Studiokino attract numerous visitors. You can have fun at the zoo, marvel at old breweries, use one of the numerous shopping facilities along Gareis-, Lüneburger- and Lübecker Straße or go climbing in the ropes course. In addition to numerous educational and youth facilities such as the „Medientreff Zone!“ or the youth clubs „Knast“ and „Next Generation“, there is a special offer for families and their needs in the „Familienhaus“ in Nordpark. The Port of Science, Fraunhofer Institute and university attract numerous scientists and students to Neustadt. The „Röstfein“ coffee factory exudes the smell of freshly roasted coffee throughout. The excellent transport connections make it easy to reach a wide range of cultural and recreational locations.

Voluntary commitment

In the Alte Neustadt and Neue Neustadt districts, you will find numerous opportunities to get actively involved in Neustadt and help shape its development. Whether at the Bürgerverein/ Wir für Neustadt e.V., at the Unternehmerstammtisch, at the GWA Alte Neustadt and GWA Neue Neustadt working groups, at Filmkunst e.V., at Villa Wertvoll, at Artist! e.V., or at „Freunde des Stadtarchivs Magdeburg e.V.“ – there are numerous opportunities to get involved in Neustadt. Get to know the Neustadt.actors better and get involved.

Historic New Town

At 1,200 years old, Magdeburg is one of the oldest cities in eastern Germany and looks back on an eventful historical past that is second to none. As an imperial residence, episcopal and Hanseatic city and Prussian fortress, it has repeatedly aroused desire, been ravaged by war and destruction, but has also been rebuilt time and again and given promising prospects. Neustadt, once an independent settlement located north of the walls of the first German emperor’s favorite palace, is not only almost as old as Otto I’s residence, but is also closely linked to its history. Neustadt can look back on a rich history that can be traced back to the 11th century and includes significant examples of industrial history. To this day, the streetscape around Nicolaiplatz and Moritzplatz bear witness to the Napoleonic buildings.